Due to lack of time I had to park development of Animify for the time being. You can still use it in it's current shape though.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an early version of the plugin - incomplete, very non-optimised and full of bugs, etc. It is highly recommended NOT to use it in production at the moment. Best viewed with Safari / Chrome (WebKit) or Firefox.

Testing and feedback most welcome.

This is an incomplete working draft which will be updated and improved as the plugin development progresses.

What is needed?

There are only 3 things required for Animify to work on your pages:

How to use it?

It's very simple. After the plugin is included on your page, you can call it following this simple pattern: $('#some_element').Animify({'param1':'some_value','param2':'some_other_value'});


Various effects are simply enabled by specifying appropriate value for the 'effect' param. All effects are 'ready-to-go' with a range of default features making them adjust to your pages and look good without the need of any tweaking. You can however, if you want to, pass additional params to customise the look of the effects.

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Below is the list of currently available effects:

Additional params