Due to lack of time I had to park development of Animify for the time being. You can still use it in it's current shape though.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an early version of the plugin - incomplete, very non-optimised and full of bugs, etc. It is highly recommended NOT to use it in production at the moment. Best viewed with Safari / Chrome (WebKit) or Firefox.

Testing and feedback most welcome.

Have a look at the new film noir demo: Crescent Moon Man goes Vintage :-)

Version 0.48 is live! Both 'age' param and grunge effect have been reworked. The problem with grunge effect in Firefox has been resolved too. Feedback welcome.


Yep;) This one line above does all that

Animify 0.48 Free Download It's still an early W.I.P. Thanks for your interest

is a jQuery plugin that provides classy <canvas> animations to your site's elements. All it takes is one line of code.Write less, see awesome.

So how does work?

All you need to do is pick an element on your page (specify paramas - optional, see documentation). Animify will gather it's style information and any child elements contained within. Then your element will be adjusted and injected with a <canvas> tag(s) - this is where the magic happens. Unless explicitly specified different, original styles (layout, colours, etc.) will be preserved. That's right. You can enhance your website visually without breaking the layout / functionality or changing the feel of the page.

Some key features of the plugin:

  • Easy to use
  • Cool, tweakable effects
  • Valid markup friendly, unobtrusive
  • Works on your styling rather than forcing it's own (unless you want it to)

Animify is a jQuery plugin providing classy canvas animations. Intuitive, unobtrusive, impressive. Write less, see awesome.